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Competition: Rough Guides Book Giveaway!

[ 19 ] May 2, 2011 |


Those of you who keep an eye on events here at The Active Photographer will no doubt have seen that I recently reviewed a rather good book – The Rough Guide To Camping In Britain. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look here.

Now then, thanks to those lovely people at Rough Guides, I have a copy of this book (worth £16.99) to give away to the crafty so-and-so who can come up with the best caption to the following picture.

All you have to do is put your suggestion in the comments section below this post and the winner will be announced in a couple of weeks’ time.


© Ingrid Murnane 2011

This competition runs from Monday 2nd May 2011 until 11:59pm (GMT) on Thursday 12th May 2011 – and is open to you all, regardless of where in the world you might be.

The official bit: Office Cat will be picking a winner and no amount of catnip will sway his decision, which is final. And don’t even think about asking him for an alternative prize, either, especially cash – he’ll just walk away and pretend to be sleeping (in my chair, no doubt!).

That said… Good luck, everyone!


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Comments (19)

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  1. Katherine A says:

    Oh rats, too much light bouncing off my head. Now how can I stop that reflection?

  2. Ian Livesey says:

    Damn.. I had a mullet before I tried to work out the inverse-square law.

  3. Ug, I can just get the hat in the picture, but how do I make it look less like an Octopus?

  4. Sandesh R.D. says:

    Oh this cam picks up things more than i can imagine

  5. Simon Brown says:

    Hello Office Cat, if you pick me I’ll give you fish… meow

  6. Damn! battery’s flat.

    Wait a minute; I can plug it into my Solar sex panel to recharge!

  7. Will says:

    Yes I know I put my head on upside down this morning thank you. I’m scratching my chin!

  8. tookiebunten says:

    which button do I press again?

  9. Grumpyishmum says:

    This mirror’s a bit dark …

  10. Judith Roberts says:

    They said if I pointed it at this wall, and waited . . .

  11. David Mcmillan says:

    Damn midgies you only need to think about being outdoors and your scratching.

    • Giles says:

      Congratulations, David – you’ve won the competition!

      I see there’s no contact information available for you directly from your profile here – so please email me (giles [at] so that I can arrange to get the book sent to you!

  12. Bronagh says:

    So when you said ‘box office’ assignment I didn’t realize it was at a cardboard factory

  13. Rachel Kelly says:

    Saving on batteries by using forehead as light meter….

  14. PilgrimChris says:

    Now where IS that reflected light coming from!?

  15. Deborah Cox says:

    Ok, so who left the superglue out instead of the soap!

  16. “If only I could think of a bloody caption for that competition, then at least I could focus on taking a picture of this corridor”

  17. David Waller says:

    This telepathic shutter release needs a little more work.

  18. Giles says:


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