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Category: Family occasion photography

Episode #216: The Holiday Camera Conundrum
[ 0 ] August 22, 2016

Episode #216: The Holiday Camera Conundrum

This week: I’m talking about the camera I recently used whilst away on holiday. Before I went, I had to decide which camera setup to take. On the surface, this isn’t such a difficult decision – but as you’ll hear, when a few factors come together, the decision isn’t necessarily an easy one to make. Some […]

Marking Grandad's Centenary +1
[ 0 ] April 26, 2012

Marking Grandad’s Centenary +1

Today carries with it a certain poignancy. You see, my Grandad would have been 101 years old and so, as well as pausing for thought, it gives me an excuse to share a post I put up to mark the occasion this time last year. For those who didn’t see that post, I talked about […]

Marking Grandad's Centenary
[ 0 ] April 26, 2011

Marking Grandad’s Centenary

This is something of a special day. My late Grandad, had he kept on going just a couple more years, would have been 100 years old today. To mark the occasion, I’m taking a look back at one of the last ‘proper’ photographs I took of him – ie not simply a snap – which […]

Episode #4 – Bags And Bagpipes
[ 0 ] January 10, 2011

Episode #4 – Bags And Bagpipes

This week: One last bit of catching-up… A couple of recordings in which I make the most of the weather and finish off the last of my 2010 shoots. Before the snow disappeared, back in November, I headed out into my local woodland to film a product review video, in the usual behind-the-scenes fashion.  It […]

Episode #3 – Family And Festivities
[ 0 ] January 3, 2011

Episode #3 – Family And Festivities

This week: Following a no-go for last week’s show, I’m playing catch-up, bringing you a couple of audio ponderances, recorded whilst out and about in the run-up to Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve, and I’ve just completed a traditional family gathering shoot – there’s real snow, fake snow, carol singing and more. What a great way […]